Your privacy is important to Ginger Rosie Crafts, and maintaining your trust and confidence is one of the business's highest priorities. You have a right to keep your personal information confidential and I understand your desire to avoid unwanted solicitations. Take a moment to read my policy, and you will hopefully have a better understanding of what I do with the information you provide me and how I keep it private and secure.


A. Types of Information I Collect:
I collect certain personal information about you – but only when that information is provided by you or is obtained by me with your authorisation, for example, your email address (if you contact Ginger Rosie Crafts via the relevant form). I collect other basic information from all website visitors. Please see directly below:


Basic information from all website visitors includes:

- the city in which you reside 

- when you have visited Ginger Rosie Crafts 

- the length of your visits

- how many pages you access

- whether you are using a mobile device, tablet or PC 

- whether you are a return visitor 

- language used on browsing device

- whether you have purchased from Ginger Rosie Crafts


This information is basic and is not shared with any third parties. I do not know or have access to your name, gender, address or any other similar personal data. The basic information is stored for a limited time period only (usually less than 3 months). Ginger Rosie Crafts has absolutely no affiliation with advertising companies or sites. 


B. Parties to Whom I Disclose Information:
As a rule, Ginger Rosie Crafts does not disclose any basic or personal information about clients or visitors to anyone. The only exception to this rule may be a request from me to use a photograph of your special event (usually a wedding) if I have completed some work for said event. This would be used only with your permission and without disclosing any names or other private information.
C. Confidentiality:
Here at Ginger Rosie Crafts I want to enhance your browsing experience, so any data I collect is used to evolve the website/product only. For example, if I see that one page is getting a lot of hits, but another isn't, I might use that information to look at the reasons why, and change the site accordingly. That's it, nothing more. No other personal data is collected and stored, unless as per above you have shared the same willingly with me (such as your phone number or email address). Any data such as this will be used only as required, and will not be used for any advertising or spam mail purposes.

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